Why should I (you) care about…

Religion, Worldview, Christianity, and The Bible?

This is really the place to start isn’t it? Because if you don’t know why you should care, you’re not going to actually care about the information presented. Continue reading “Why should I (you) care about…”



What is a worldview?

A worldview is the perspective through which you understand and approach life and the world. It is a mindset through which we process / interpret the world around us.

You should study worldviews to grow in discernment, to become more aware of how our core assumptions and beliefs affect how we live, and to focus on truth, so that we may be transformed by it.

Everyone has a worldview. They are reflected by what we believe about God, man, and truth; how we act in relationship to others, and our ethics in action.

Our worldview affects how we view nature / creation, and how and if we pray.

The essential questions can reflect our worldview through the examination of ideas pertaining to origins, meaning, morality, destiny, and identity. These can include:

Where did I come from?

Why am I here? What is the purpose for my life?

How do I determine right and wrong? On what do I base my standards

Where am I going? What happens after I die?

Your perspective is your mental views or outlook.

What you end up believing about a matter is affected by your starting point. Your presuppositions are the things that you assume are true. A shorter way of stating the above is assumptions determine conclusions. Beliefs influence actions; what you believe to be true will affect how you act or ideas have consequences.

Actions fall short of Aspirations


Technology and Reading

Our brain is losing the ability to hold deep attention to a subject due to the effect technology is having on the brain. A neuroscientist, Maryanne Wolf, author of Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World spoke to The Verge about what technology does to the reading brain. Continue reading “Technology and Reading”

Success for millennials

Thought processes and conduct are essential for success.

Lackadaisical, egocentric, unfocused, entitled. These are the characteristics that we (millennials) are accused of being.

How many people remember when they were little playing a sport and getting a participation metal? There is science which shows this devalues the reward for the hard-workers and actually makes the person who comes in last feel embarrassed because they know they didn’t deserve it. Or who had that classmate who would get into their honors class and get A’s, not because they deserved it, but because their parents complained. Those people have grown up subject to failed parenting strategies. They were told they were special all the time and they can have anything they want in life – just because they wanted it. This group of people become thrust into the real world and their self-image is fragmented.

Due to technology, everyone sounds like they have it figured out because of filters. A facade we put on, so that others don’t know we are actually struggling.

“You have an entire generation that has access to an addictive, numbing chemical, called dopamine, through social media and cellphones as they’re going through the high stress of adolescence. (Simon Sinek)”

Social media is preventing deep meaningful relationships. Many millennials will admit that most of their relationships are superficial. The reason that relationships are not there is because they don’t practice the skill set of building relationships and there is no coping mechanism for dealing with stress.

The problem isn’t social media and technology, but rather moderation of social media and technology. The imbalance is the problem. (Me)

When stress shows up, they turn to a device/social media for relief.

“If you’re sitting at dinner with your friends, and you’re texting somebody who’s not there, thats a problem. That’s an addiction. If your sitting in a meeting, with people your supposed to be listening to and speaking, and you put your phone on the table – face up or face down […] – that sends the subconscious message to the room that ‘you’re just not that important to me right now.’ (Simon Sinek)”

Then you add impatience. Millennials grow up in a world of instant gratification. Want to watch a movie? Netflix. TV show? BINGE. Need to buy something? Amazon prime next day delivery.Want to go on a date? Swipe right.

“Everything you want you can have instantaneously, […] except job satisfaction and strength of relationships. (Simon Sinek)

The things that matter take patience.

The group is put in an environment where the people care more about the numbers than the person. These environments aren’t helping Millennials:

  • build their confidence
  • learn the skills of cooperation
  • overcome the challenges of the digital world and finding more balance
  • overcome the need for instant gratification
  • learn about the joys and impact in the fulfillment you get from working hard on something for a long time

Industry has a obligation to make up the deficit.

The lack of good leadership in our world today is a problem. Leaders aren’t born, they are made. (Me)

“The reason you take the [temptation] … away is because we cannot trust our willpower. […] when you remove the temptation it makes it a lot easier. (Simon Sinek)”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ev7GXzFTPg&t=31s

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